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Step 1

NPPE Study Guide

1 hour, 62 pages

A concise 62-page guide so you don't spend 20+ hours reading the suggested textbooks (875 pages).

Organized to reflect the exam syllabus, so there's no overlapping textbook topics.

“Tricky Exam Material” sections to help you through common pitfalls.

Written by graduates of the NPPE exam and updated for the latest syllabus.

Step 2

NPPE Practice Exams

3-4 hours

110 NPPE Exam Questions, based on actual exam materials.

Complete with answers and explanations so you can strengthen your learnings.

Unlimited attempts so you can practice without worry of losing access.

“Exam Tips” to help you through common pitfalls.

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NPPE Exam Practice QuestionsNPPE Exam Questions
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Step 3

NPPE Strategy Session

0.5 hour, video modules

Learn to prepare in 5 hours and answer common questions you may have.

Tips and strategies to confidently manage the NPPE software interface and leverage the features.


Learn on the move with Audiobooks

For people going places, study whenever and wherever you want.

No classes or schedule, so you never miss a lesson.

Use your daily trip to and from work to study
with audiobooks.

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Industry-leading pass insurance

Get the next course 100% free if you do not pass the exam. No questions asked. We stand behind our work.

NPPE Exam ready in 5 hours

All materials are digital with immediate access after payment.

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NPPE Study Guide (Digital Access)

110 NPPE Exam Questions (Digital Access)

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What professionals are saying

​"Definite value. Succinct training guide and pertinent example questions that got me back into test taking mode. Thank you!"

Bill Ferris, PE, P. Eng.
​Design Manager to Vice President

"Very good for a brief & fast acclimatization with the syllabus topics as well as some very helpful tips. Good customer service as well."

Image of Dr. Debarun Dutta, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Dr. Debarun Dutta, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Project Engineer

"Recommended. I studied in my free time, listening the materials walking from work to home and even during my jogging.
​I not just gained in trust but learned new things that I found very interesting after all."

Image of Pablo Mejia-Herrera, Ph.D., P. Geo.
Pablo Mejia-Herrera, Ph.D., P. Geo.

"The materials: study guides and sample questions gave me the confidence I needed to get over that final hurdle in taking the NPPE. It really does help you prepare more efficiently with studying and when writing the exam itself.
I am pleased to share that I passed."

Image of Jeffrey David, P. Eng.
Jeffrey David, P. Eng.
Senior Validation Specialist

"I recommend it to my friends and colleagues because of how well-crafted the guide was. It was far and away the most efficient way of studying, far better than the old-school textbook and note taking approach I was using previously."

Image of Logan Fraser, P. Eng.
Logan Fraser, P. Eng.
​Mechanical Engineer

The outline was very helpful but the practice tests were critical in than that prepared me for the tone of the test.

George L.

1 day of practice with ppehq => passed the exam

Farhad K.

I am really thankful for such wonderful material. It saved my time, gave me full insight of the exam scope within few hours and I gained the confidence I lacked.

Emad S.

Mike, Thanks again for your extra efforts. You have a great product and an excellent customer service mind-set.

Douglas M.

The material was succinct, well written, and easy to understand. The thought process developed from digesting the study guide and going through the practice tests made the exam a breeze.

Diallo F.

I passed. Kind of surprised considering how I felt after the test. It seems it gave me enough study material to pass.

David V.

I appreciate your effort to reach out and the quality of review materials you put out there. It bumped up my own level of confidence.

Danny G.

Extremely valuable and following the PPE Headquarters study guide and practice test I wrote the NPPE with confidence and ease.

Cole Z.

Great material and question bank to prepare for the PPE. Saved me a lot of time. Mike is a great guy and very helpful. Highly recommended.

Carlos R.

The program was awesome and very well set up. Saved me a ton of time!


Simple easy to use platform. All you need to study and pass the NPPE with a reasonable price tag. Thank you PPE HQ!

Blaine W.

Amazingly simplified and compact learning materials, very time saving and effective. That's you need to ace your NPPE.

Binay R.

Great study material to achieve your goals. I just passed my NPPE. Thanks Mike

Ashraf A.

I just received my letter, notifying my pass today and wanted to pass along my appreciation.

Ashley O.

Very crisp and "to the point" prep material! Thank you for the excellent content!

Anant A.

The study guide provided a place to start and made it easy to know which materials to study, saving me time.

Alicia H.

This course helped me prepare for the exam and pass it, without having to spend countless hours reading books. Thank you

Alex S.

PPEHQ helped me study the right information and saved me a lot of time preparing for the test.

Alex L.

I really enjoyed and learned alot through the multiple choice questions. Very Informative. I also appreciate the check up and reassurance exactly after the exsm was written.

Alex F.

Your approach is simple and straight forward. That's my kind of logic, break it down to the basics and present it in a simple format

Michael H.

I literally started studying the materials of PPE Headquarters just 3 days before my exam and I passed on my first attempt. Thank you Mike.

Mehmet A.

Thanks for the support guys! Excellent material. I made it on my first attempt!

Mateus M.

They offer a concise study package to ensure you study efficiently.

Mark G.

Passed my NPPE in first attempt, Thanks for the help.


It made my life much easier! Material provided covers all the topics without the hustle of having to read 2 heavy books! Thanks PPEHQ!

Luis F.

PPEHQ definitely helped me to prepare for the exam and secure a successful result.

Lacsman S.

PPE's material by itself was enough for passing the exam, and I'm really thankful to them for preparing the material.

Kavan M.

Money well spent to save a ton of time studying and ensure that you have the knowledge you need to pass the test.

Jude C.

PPEHQ helped me study the right information and saved me a lot of time preparing for the test.

Josh B.

This program saved me so much time and stress, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Bruce for recommending it to me.

Jonathan G.

The outline was very helpful but the practice tests were critical in than that prepared me for the tone of the test.

Joel L.

Passed the test! Going through the practice material from you was all the studying I did and feel I was prepared. Well worth the money.

Jesse W.

Sample exam questions did a great job of preparing for the tricky wording of the exam questions. Thanks very much ppe headquarters.

James D.

Great study material! I found it very beneficial and it was helpful in the sense that it aided in breaking down the question not just knowledge based.

Jack L.

I have just received information that I have passed my exam. Great materials you have put together. Thank you.

Huy H.

Very helpful material. I recommend with confidence to everyone who is planning to write NPPE exam. Great job Mike!

Horatiu O.

It was 100% worth the money and time instead of buying the books.

Hari A.

Passed NPPE in first attempt, very useful study material prepared based on current curriculum, Thanks Mike for your support.

Hanif S.

It was a good program that allowed me to gain confidence in taking the exam

Greg D.

I just relied on NPPE Headquarter study guide and understanding every sample questions to pass the exam.


Thank you for saving so much time for the NPPE exam prep!

Vladimir M.

This program definitely saved me time and money and I passed the exam! That's about all I could ask for. Thank you


Extremely valuable and following the PPE Headquarters study guide and practice test I wrote the NPPE with confidence and ease.

Stephanie R.

Definitely worth it! I only used the package to study, and nothing else and passed! Also found the exam medium difficulty.

Saud F.

The study guide was very valuable in preparing me for the PPE exam, which I passed.

Sara S.

Went through the course a few times before my exam and I passed. I would definitely recommend this as an affordable, efficient way to prepare for the NPPE.

Ryan N.

The materials are top quality, focused, and accurate! Highly recommended!

Rudolf A.

The sample exams gives you a good idea of what to expect

Rohan S.

100% all you need to pass. Don’t waste time even finding your old text books even if you already own them.

Rob S.

I found the information provided helpful - especially the practice exams. I was successful in my NPPE attempt and passed on my first try. Thank you very much.

Rachel E.

Yes. The material was concise and short. It helped to get through the exam. And most important, it save a lot of time... Happy to have bought it...

Pratik P.

Thank you Mike and your team! The guide and practice questions that PPE HQ developed, definitely helped me prepare for the NPPE exam and helped me pass it!

Prashant M.

I have used your amazing materials to study the professional exam. Thanks for your hard work and in making my life easier.

Paul D.

Great critical thinking questions that helped prepare for the real test!

Olivia G.

Taking the preparation course from PPE HQ was really helpful. I cleared the NPPE exam easily, although I have never studied Law and Ethics before.

Nasratullah A.

Amazing guide, gave me the results needed, which was passing the NPPE. Recommend to anyone wanting a reliable package to help prepare and safely pass the exam.

Nasr S.

Indeed a precise and comprehensive preparation tool, I never needed to refer to any other resource. Thank you PPEHQ.

Mohammad A.

Thanks for the study guide and the practice questions, it saved me a lot of time and frustration.

Mina I.

It was a good program that allowed me to gain confidence in taking the exam

Mike N.

Your PPE review helps me much on focusing my concentration to syllabus. This minimize time and effort of reading such voluminous ppe books. Thank you!

Michael N.

Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about PPE Headquarters.

What grade do I need to pass the NPPE?

A grade of 65% is required to pass the exam. Your Association will take approximately 2–4 weeks to notify you of a pass by email, but some other associations take 6 weeks.

Is PPE HQ quicker than the textbooks?

Our NPPE Study Guide replaces reading the textbooks (-1000 pages or 2 weeks of evenings). The readings are only 60 minutes with the Study Guide. The real power is in the NPPE Practice Exams: 110 questions complete with answers, thorough solutions, with unlimited attempts.

You can prepare you in 5–8 hours (that most people do in 1-2 days).

Do I have unlimited Practice Exam attempts?

You get unlimited attempts for the questions that we offer. Note that 110 questions take 3–4 hours to complete, and you'll be well-prepared to write the exam.

Do you have any advice to share?

You're not going to see actual exam questions beforehand. Everyone is given a unique exam, and the questions change 4+ times a year. So don't memorize questions, it won't help.

✅ Instead, learn the processes to apply that lead to the most correct answer. You'll find those processes in the Red Hot Exam Tips of our Practice Exams.

✅ Challenge your understanding by considering other applications. Now you'll be able to answer different questions in any situation they throw at you.

🏆 You've achieved a degree, so you know you're capable. Put in the time to prepare thoroughly, take your time, stay determined, and you'll clear this exam.

How often do you update the materials?

We update our materials after every writing with feedback from students. For example, a recent update was to reflect a trademark law change: 15 years down to 10 years. Laws continually change.

Do I need to buy the textbooks?

Nope! Our program has helped 1000s of engineers pass the exam without reading the textbooks, and our pass rate of the exam is exceptionally high (98% pass rate).

The products are digital, and immediately after payment you'll have access.

How long will I have access to the course?

You'll have access to the course, for 1 person, until you pass or until 6 months elapses (whichever comes first). If that doesn't work, please write us and we'll find a way to make it work.

What about EGBC & PGO essay questions?

Update: British Colombia (EGBC), and Geologist Ontario (PGO) have now discontinued the additional essay question(s).

What is best for the ASET PPE exam?

We don't offer a product for the ASET PPE Exam.

The NPPE exam, that we prepare students for, is quite different, and our preparation course isn't suitable.