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Bill Heronemus
Professional Engineer
Father of Windpower
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5000 kWatts
125 meters
40% efficient

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Designed by M. Tareq Ali, EIT
Structural Engineer, B. Eng., M. Eng.
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Verified by Raymond B., PE
Structural Engineer, B. Eng., M. Eng.
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Unlimited access to an 800+ item exam bank.

Industry leading solutions, verified by experts.

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"I passed the FE and I'm so ecstatic! The style of questions were identical to those on the actual exam. I truly believe PPE Headquarters played a pivotal role in my success on the exam this time around."

Michelle Adejumo, EIT
Transportation Engineer (Civil)

My biggest issue was not enough the time during the exam. PPE Headquarters is the system to get faster and to get the pass.​​Highly recommended.

Brandon Sanderson, PE
​Civil Engineer

"I didn't need review materials, I have already have a degree. PPE HQ made me familiar with the test itself. The FE Exam is new and strange format and I needed practice so I was comfortable and confident on test day."

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Angela Ph.D.
​Mechanical Engineer

"You'll get the biggest benefits from doing as many problems as you can. PPE Headquarters matches the exam closely. If anything, a bit harder. Get very familiar with the reference handbook."

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C. Titan, EIT
​Materials Engineer (Mechanical)