We're on a mission to supply carefully crafted exam prep...
...without classrooms or excessive prices.
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The education system wasn't designed for you (and it wasn't designed for me either)

The education industry was designed so many years ago by those tasked with teaching (teachers, professors, colleges, and universities). The classroom model works, but it's expensive. And guess what? A one-size-fits-all approach isn't always the best learning environment.​

That's why I started PPE Headquarters. ​We started by providing smart, simple exam preparation, without the high fees associated with traditional education providers. ​Technology makes learning easier, personal, and affordable for more people.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a personalized experience with technology for a fair price.

It's about crafting quality learning experiences​ (for students, not teachers).
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Founder, PPE Headquarters

Mike Grossman has been a professional engineer for 20 years and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan.

"The engineering profession has provided me with endless opportunities: meaningful work, great friendships and world travel. It's rewarding to continue the tradition and to help the next generation of professionals."

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Who we are

We help Canadian and US Engineers pass their professional certification exams. We’re founded in Canada in 2016 and prepare 3000+ engineers a year.

We’re a remote team working across Canada, Europe, India, and the United States.

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What we're about

Relationships - we are human,  accessible, approachable, and regularly go the extra mile to help.

Experiences - we dig deep to create unique learning experiences that outperform traditional classrooms.

Thoroughness - engineering thoroughness is the rigour we apply to craft industry-leading products.

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Latest News

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The Citadel University and PPE Headquarters Co-Author Paper Presented at ASEE-SE '22.

The paper  "On-Line FE Exam Review Course Results in Effective Instructional Model," discusses a platform which tracks student engagement, and when combined with historical pass/fail results, allows evidence-based decision-making about their probability to pass. Professor Ryan Giles writes, “The course is now less a professor-centered review of equations and example problems and more of a data-driven, student-centered, review that has improved their FE exam pass rate.