EIT Certification: Get Certified in 5 Easy Steps

Mike Grossman
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April 2, 2022
EIT Certification: Get Certified in 5 Easy Steps

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There's a lot of confusion around this title and it's time to clear it up. So first...

What Does EIT Stand For?

EIT is simply an acronym for Engineer In Training.

What is the EIT Certification?

First and foremost, the EIT certification (Engineer In Training certificate) is the first step taken to protect the public by ensuring only qualified individuals practice engineering.  

In the United States, you must apply to your state board AND previously passed the NCEES FE exam AND meet certain education requirements to get an EIT license.

Here are the steps to register for the FE exam and apply for EIT certification...

Step 1: Check Your State's Requirements

In the United States (or Canada), be sure to check with your board (or association in Canada) first, as some have specific requirements before you register with the NCEES.

​Some will let you take the exam if you're within 2 semesters of graduation, so get on this early while the exam materials is fresh in your head.

Step 2: Register for the EIT Exam with the NCEES

Head over to the NCEES.org website, log into or start a MyNCEES account, and register for the FE exam (EIT exam) and be mindful of the EIT exam dates.

The exam is computer-based and can be taken anytime during the year at one of the many Pearson VUE test centres. NCEES has a great YouTube channel where you can learn more about the computer-based experience.

Step 3: Pay the NCEES Fee

The fee is $225 to write the exam and it is paid directly to NCEES. But note, some boards have additional fees as well.

UPDATE: starting January 1, 2018, the NCEES fee has dropped from $225 to $175.

Step 4: Pass the FE / EIT Exam

Here’s a giant collection of the FE Exam Preparation Courses (free and paid), that we complied for you. Make sure you work on a lot of problems and don’t spend much time reviewing theory.

The FE Exam is all about time, so it's best to know your FE Exam Calculator inside and out and these video tutorials will help you solve problems numerically rather than wasting time solving them by hand.

The FE Reference Handbook is the only item you can take into the exam so make sure you start using it right away. You can get it for free in your MyNCEES account.

Step 5: Apply to your Board for your EIT Certificate

Once you've passed the exam, contact your state board.

Submit your application and pay the required fee. Most fees are reasonable, for example, California has a $50 fee.

How Many Times Can You Take The Exam?

The NCEES allows you to take the FE exam (EIT exam) once during any 2-month period, and three times in a 12-month period.

Who Can Take The Exam?

Most boards will let you take the EIT exam in your last year of college. That said, each state board has a few differences, so be sure to check for specifics. The final year of college is when the information is most fresh in your mind and the longer you wait, the more preparation is required.  ​

How Much Does The EIT Exam Cost?

The fee for the exam has been $225 for some time now. Yet, the NCEES has reduced the 2018 rates to $175. Sometimes your state's board will have an additional free for the EIT process so be sure to check specifics.

Is Taking The Exam Required?

You don't have to take the FE / EIT exam, but, it is the first step to become and EIT certified professional engineer and obtain a PE License. With this license, you can stamp and seal drawings, own an engineering firm, have far better access to upper-level engineering management positions, and an increased salary opportunities.

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